AVRB has spent more than 10 years working with pharmaceutical companies
around the world and in management for more than 25 years

Consulting Management

Consulting Management

AVRB provides the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with excellent technical
expertise and management capabilities that meet the needs of our customers worldwide

Engineering Management

Engineering Management

AVRB experts give advice on new designs, upgrades or renovations.
To make compromises, we will find the best solution

Construction Management

Construction Management



AVRB offers the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries excellent technical expertise and management skills that meet the needs of our customers worldwide.

AVRB’s department operating within this sector is known as AVRB Engineering.

AVRB offers its customers comprehensive and high quality engineering expertise and services to meet their needs in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and fine chemicals industries. AVRB provides its services from general planning and or project management as well as construction management in all areas, from the facility to the building.

We have provided services to most of the top 20 companies in these sectors, including long-term partner relationships.


AVRB experts give advice on new buildings, extensions and renovation. Together with the customer, we work out the best possible solution for the buildings.

Expertise in requirements and regulations

The EMEA, FDA, cGMP, DIN, SIA, HOAI etc. are our standard regulation system, which we know very well. AVRB Consulting has experience with the regulations and requirements for building permits in many parts of the world.

Individual contracts

AVRB adapts the contracts individually to our customers projects. AVRB can rely on integrated resources with a wide range of functional capabilities to provide early cost advice at each stage of the project process. This is carried out by a dedicated team of experienced cost planners who, with proven expertise, determine the precise cost requirements of the project’s requirements, drawing on AVRB’s comprehensive database of comparative facilities.

Project control (time and costs) with the help of value management

AVRB uses the value management process to ensure that business requirements are understood and solutions with the best value for money are achieved.

The following services are available:

  • Feasibility studies, feasibility studies and development studies
  • Risk analysis and risk management
  • benchmarking
  • Installation and operation


AVRB has access to a comprehensive internal database of all types of pharmaceutical and biotechnological plants. By means of target-oriented comparisons, several comparative projects can be compared with each other, so that the best project can be found out as a reference for optimisation.



AVRB has worked with pharmaceutical companies around the world for more than 10 years and in the management field for more than 25 years.

This experience has allowed us to gain unsurpassed knowledge of the strategic needs and application of cGMP and cGLP within the industry.

AVRB offers specialized expertise in process simulation of batch and continuous processes as well as in the design of WFI (Water For Injection) and CIP (Clean In Place) systems, clean rooms and in the creation of design requirements for cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) and cGLP (current Good Laboratory Practice).
Our architecture staff has significant expertise in the programming and master planning of pharmaceutical campuses. Our filling, packaging and packaging specialists provide effective solutions for a wide range of systems, including the installation of sterile high-speed liquid filling equipment. In short: AVRB offers a complete solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

Everything from a single supplier


AVRB uses value management as an integral part of delivering values during the baseline design study.

AVRB uses value management during the early stages of design development to help create a mutually accepted solution for concept design, as well as to adapt the client’s strategic business aspirations, objectives and cultures of local management teams and end users.

The value management process completes the traditional instruction process for functional requirements by adapting the customer’s values and business objectives to the functional requirements of development. AVRB can offer solutions that maximise the potential profit.

Value Management (Workshop)

The first workshop is designed to understand the client’s business objectives and to reach a consensus on the values applicable to the project. This is done within the initial instruction process of the project. This workshop is very important for the creation of the content of the framework, such as goal, risk, time and cost, in which all future decisions and decisions can be tested. The agreements reached in the initial meeting define the direction in which the project should develop and lay the foundation for a successful implementation of the project.

The workshop develops a common understanding of how to achieve the goals:

  • Understanding main aims of the project
  • Understanding the business drivers for the project
  • Understanding what value means to the project

Value Engineering (detailed)

  • Identification
  • Evaluation
  • Verification

At this stage, the team draws up a list of important design issues to be considered, which form the basis of value creation practices to eliminate and eliminate unnecessary costs in advance.

  • High Value
  • High risk
  • Cost drivers
  • Cost thresholds

The key stage of the value analysis process in the valuation process can be

divided into three steps;

  • 1st option generation
  • 2nd option evaluation
  • 3rd team decision.

Once a team decision has been made, it is reviewed again, either by a simple review or by different areas.