As a global consulting and engineering company focusing on demanding investment projects in industry.
We design and realize demanding projects for specialists and generalists.

The core businesses of our company are:

  • Engineering
  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • validation
  • architecture



The founder of the company, Dipl. Ing. Mech. Bio. Raphael Bohl, a French globally active manager, founded AVRB-Consulting GmbH in 2008, bringing his idea of the correct implementation of engineering, a combination of knowledge, leadership and reality market for solutions in the fields of pharma/biotechnology and food technology, in Switzerland, at the Basel location, on the way. The Basel location is still the headquarters of AVRB.


Raphael Bohl was and still is the driving force behind the company’s international expansion. We owe our founder more than our name and logo. Raphael Bohl embodied many key attitudes and values that have become part of our corporate culture, such as: creating facts, flexibility, willingness to learn, open-mindedness, fair treatment of one another and respect for other people and cultures.


The value : Build your Future.


Adresse change from : Auf dem Wolf to Kohlenbergasse 1 in Basel.


Moving to a larger office, Parkweg 35 in Basel with more than 200 SM offices.


Move to Peter Merian-Str. 54, 4052 Basel.


The Global AVRB

AVRB is an international company for project management and engineering services.

Our head office is located in Basel, and we also have several international locations. We work worldwide, are designed for sustainability and assume responsibility.

AVRB can offer the following:

  • Local service with global support
  • Global community learning and knowledge sharing
  • Transferable best practice processes

AVRB provides its high quality services to Blue-Chip-Customers in a wide range of industries.

The customers work with AVRB because we make sure:

  • alignment and alignment of operations and activities with business objectives
  • Cooperation to achieve sustainable growth
  • More profitability for our customers
  • Meeting global needs
  • Ensuring safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable delivery

AVRB supports customers around the world with our comprehensive range of specialized services, ranging from infrastructure and local technical services to international milestone projects, leading the field in project management, delivery and provision of a wide range of specialist services.

AVRB also provides the services requested by the customer in the field of civil engineering, for new construction, modernisation and renovation projects, with a high quality standard.

AVRB has excellent references in the operational areas of pharmaceutical & biotechnological construction, modernization and renovation projects.

AVRB has experience in designing and building a complete range of pharmaceutical/biotechnological plants and pilot production processes ranging from laboratory scale to full-scale commercial-scale plants. Our experienced process and management personnel enable us to deliver systems and environments that are safe, efficient, productive and work well with our customers. Our track record in primary and secondary pharmaceutical production facilities and biotechnology processes covers a wide range of project types. AVRB accompanies and supports your customers along the entire way from concept to commissioning.


Our responsibility to our customers and our relationship with them strengthens our success. It is our responsibility to our customers that we provide high quality services, compete fairly, comply with our contractual obligations and do not make inappropriate payments to our customers or anyone else. Our responsible conduct towards our customers continuously increases the value of both their business and ours.

Our responsibility to our business partners – suppliers, contractors, consultants, financiers, joint venture partners and others with whom we do business – has also been a key factor in AVRB’s long-term success. Our business partners should be seen as colleagues and not as opponents. We create a reputation of integrity and honesty if we maintain fair and honest relationships with our business partners and act with high ethical standards.

Our responsibility to all of us, the AVRB employees come from many countries with different backgrounds and cultures. Each employee contributes to AVRB and contributions are maximised if we provide an appropriate working environment. We value the diversity of our people and respect their right to work in a safe and healthy environment of mutual respect and open communication, free from harassment and uphold this right. We also offer equal opportunities in career and promotion.

The belief in people, teamwork, diversity and passion for success paves the way for our future in a safe and sustainable way.


AVRB supports the independent aid organization

WAPA’s actions are based on subsidiarity, i. e. the programmes are implemented by our local partner. The basic idea is not to replace local skills. Whatever can be done by the smallest possible unit should be done. In other words, the people who understand the situation best are the people who live in it every day. If they can find solutions, they must be allowed to take the initiative. However, this does not mean that no support is needed. The principle of subsidiarity goes hand in hand with the principle of support, in our case fundraising and communication.

A worthy and very important organisation that AVRB has been supporting for years.

To view WAPA international website:



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